About Botuku Ramesh

Botuku Ramesh is a Master of Laws, and belongs to Chandalur Village of Darsi constituency in Andhra Pradesh, and is currently working in an autonomous Centre located in Hyderabad. He desires active public participation for development of a Society. He encourages public-private partnership to eradicate poverty. He supports collective work for good governance to establish a responsible and transparent society. He is in the forefront for the welfare of the poorest of the poor people. He leads a normal life, and spends half of his salary for the welfare programs. He has assisted the Veligonda Project Sadhana Samithi lead by late Shri KV Subba Reddy and late Prof Kandula Nagireddy in achieving Veligonda Project for Krishna river water to his area. Ramesh has been extending his support for organization of Women and Youth empowerment programs. He encourages education, and gives scholarships to poor meritorious students to the extent of his possibility. He believes that it is the responsibility of every citizen to extend support (aasara) to another citizen to the extent possible for self growth and society development as well.

(1) Veligonda Project Movement

To fulfill the dream of his father Late Shri Botuku Venkateswarlu to get Krishna water to the Darsi constituency, Shri Ramesh Babu joined the movement for the Veligonda Project, along with Shri Eda Chennaiah (Cumbum), lead by Shri K V Subba Reddy (Cumbum), Prof. Kandula Nagi Reddy (Kanigiri), Prof. Sanikommu Ramaswami Reddy (Podili) and Shri Mukku Subba Reddy (Kanigiri). Shri Ramesh Babu was the Founder Treasurer for the ‘Veligonda Project Sadhana Samithi’, and is currently holding the position of the Secretary.

Veligonda Project is a natural major Irrigation Project, which is proposed to provide irrigation water for 6 lakh acres, and drinking water to 20 lakh people in Prakasam, Nellore and Kadapa Districts in Andhra Pradesh. Shri Ramesh Babu actively participated in the movement since 1994 and played a key role for inclusion of the western area of Darsi constituency in the project ayacut area. He also played an outstanding role in organizing All Party Meetings wherein the leaders of all parties joined the movement.

With the sincere efforts of the Sadhana Samithi along with the all party leaders of this area, the project was sanctioned, and it is now under completing stage.
(2) All Party Youth Association

Shri Ramesh Babu established The All Party Youth Association in Darsi Constituency in the year 2002 for the welfare of the local people, especially for the benefit of the youth. The youth irrespective of caste, creed, sex, religion and political party are the members of this association.

(i) A separate office is made available to receive the representations on public issues, and put efforts to solve the problems by approaching the Government officials.

(ii) Village Level Youth Committees have been formed, and the youth is encouraged to actively participate in the developmental activities of their respective villages.

(iii) Tournaments are organized every year to develop team spirit among the youth. Personality development programs, writing competitions are conducted every year in schools. Prizes and Certificates are offered to the winners and participants.

The office was visited by various leaders including the then BJP State President Shri Indrasena Reddy; and late Shri Lal John Basha, senior leader of the TDP, who appreciated the efforts put-in by the Association.

In addition to the above, financial support has been extended as below:

(i) Helped Shri Venkata Reddy for better treatment, when he got knife injuries while helping a lady from the hands of the thieves in Darsi town.

(ii) Distribution of rice to the poor
(iii) District level meetings of Students Federation of India (SFI) and All India Students Federation (AISF)

(iv) Regular Blood camps


(v) With the help of his brother Shri Saran Kumar, CA – he helped several members of the Darsi Chiranjeevi Fans Association when they were injured in a major road accident in 2008 on Mallepalli Road on their return from Hyderabad after attending a conference organized by State Chiranjeevi Fans Association. Shri Pawan Kalyan heard about Shri Ramesh Babu through the injured persons when he met them in Osmania Hospital, and appreciated the service activities of Shri Ramesh Babu.

(3) Helping Hand to Literacy Programs

Shri Ramesh Babu extended support identified 30 villages and literacy programs are being conducted for the last 5 years. 30 graduates were appointed on monthly honorarium to run schools in the SC/ST colonies of these 30 villages during night to encourage the children for education. Adult education is encouraged. Slates, Books, Pens and Pencils are being provided at free of cost to the students of these schools.


Service of the family of Shri Ramesh Babu

1. As the leader of the students of VR College, Nellore, Shri Botuku Venkateswarlu (father of Shri Ramesh Babu) sat on hunger strike for 21 days (in 1960s) and succeeded to get revised fee structure. He extended a lot of service for the development of the Darsi constituency. He convinced local people to come forward to extend financial support to the Zilla Parishad for establishment of a High School in Chandalur village that was surrounded by many hamlets, and made available the school education to the people of this locality. He was also responsible for bringing the electric power to many of the villages in this rural area. Because of his support, Shri Ravipati Mahananda Chowdhary won as MLA from Swatantra party (1967). Shri Botuku Venkateswarlu was a close associate of eminent leaders, Prof. NG Ranga, Divi Kondaiah Chowdhary (Former Speaker), Sardar Shri Gouthu Lachanna, Shri AC Subba Reddy, etc.

2. The people of Chandalur village had given the opportunity to the family of Shri Ramesh Babu to serve as Sarpanches for about 40 years. His grandfather (25 years), his maternal uncle (10 years) and then his brother (5 years) were elected as sarpanches of this village.

As the sarpanch of the village, late Shri Botuku Sreenivasulu (brother of Shri Ramesh Babu) was responsible for construction of 30 Beds Govt. Hospital, Drinking water supply, etc.

3. Shri Narapusetty Sreeramulu (mother’s maternal uncle) served as MLA (2 terms, 1985 and 1994) of Darsi Constituency. On his sudden demise, his elder son Shri Narapusetty Paparao (cousin of Shri Ramesh Babu) was elected as MLA of this constituency (1997)