Prof K Nagi Reddy Memorial Engineering Award


Prof Kandula Nagi Reddy born in a poor farmer’s house in Praksasm District, and due to his hard work and interest towards education, he did his Doctorate in Civil Engineering. He was Professor of Civil Engineering in Regional Engineering College (REC), Warangal for some time, and later joined Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology (CBIT), Hyderabad. He guided many postgraduate students and produced a number of PhDs. His research in Civil Engineering led to cost reduction in construction of houses, dams and bridges. After his retirement by knowing about the Veligonda Project through Shri K Sriramakrishnaiah, he joined Shri KV Subba Reddy and supported his movement. He was leader of the Sadhana Samithi for a longer period, and visited almost all the villages in Prakasam, Nellore and Kadapa Districts for involving the students and farmers. He has given suggestions to the Government officials to obtain all the clearances to take the project works forward. Due to his sincere efforts, the project was sanctioned, and now it is under completing stage. But unfortunately, he expired without seeing the happiness on the faces of the farmers of this area.

The Botuku Ramesh Sneha Samithi felt it is just and necessary to motivate the Engineering students in memory of Prof K Nagi Reddy. Therefore, it is proposed to confer an award from the year starting 2017 in memory of Prof Nagi Reddy for an Engineering student being recommended by a Committee constituted by the Samithi. The Award carries a cash prize of Rs.5,000/- (Rupees five thousand only) and a memento.

Nominations/applications will be called for in the month of November, and will end by the month end. Selection process will be completed by the second week of December, and the award will be conferred on the date and venue as decided by the Executive Committee.