Vision & Objectives


To identify challenges threatening the lives of the impoverished, weaker and vulnerable sections and to collectively work for their empowerment; to encourage public-private partnership for good governance with an aim to establish a responsible, transparent, corruption free, honest and developed society based on equality, fraternity and social justice.



1) To promote collective action and public-private partnership to establish, strengthen and empower institutions for the upliftment of the poor, women and other vulnerable groups.

2) To implement rural and urban livelihood projects and create enabling conditions for the poor, women and weaker sections for their economic and social development.

3) To strengthen local public participation for economic and social empowerment by enhancing their livelihood opportunities through farm and non-farm activities.

4) To access funds from individuals, NRIs, Government/semi-government/local bodies, banks, financial institutions, trusts and any other legally constituted bodies to promote the livelihoods.

5) To conduct educational, environmental and sociological studies

6) To organize training and refresher programs to strengthen development skills

7) To disseminate information and knowledge, to edit, publish and print literature and documents and to organize seminars/ conferences / meetings etc to strengthen personality development and character building process.

8) To implement best practices for poverty eradication

9) To build support service structures for providing social and technical guidance to the poor in their overall social progress and livelihood development.

10) To conduct or help in conducting health awareness programs, and to encourage organ donation.

11) To promote social welfare activities with special emphasis on women and children empowerment.

12) To work for the betterment of women, children, senior citizens, and disabled and to fight against social wrongs like discrimination and harassment based on gender etc with a vision of social justice

13) To eliminate child labour, child trafficking and child abuse and focus on the education and resettlement of these deprived children

14) To fight against corruption and make people aware about their legal and consumer rights

15) To work for environmental awareness, sustainable development and participative management of local natural resources for village level development

16) To create awareness about Forestation and Disaster Management

17) To work with the Government and other NGOs at the policy formulation level

18) To coordinate with the Government agencies in implementation of developmental schemes

19) To support Village / Panchayat Raj institutions, and other local governments in becoming more responsive, transparent and effective in delivery of services to the rural poor.

20) To undertake relevant activities, including implementation of specific projects funded by government, bilateral, multilateral and other funding agencies for improvement of livelihood.

21) To establish educational institutes and research organizations; confer awards and certificates in the areas including science, technical, agriculture, medical, legal, research, education, arts, culture, etc.